“Never before have we had such an awareness of what we’re doing to the planet. And never before have we had the power to do something about it.”

David Attenborough

Let's face the truth ...

Humans are wasteful beings. And unfortunately, this lack of environmental responsibility has resulted in our oceans and waterways being littered with junk. This of course has taken a toll on our eco-systems, further complicating things for creatures who dwell underwater. As the natural habitats for countless marine animals, we feel our seas should be healthy and clean. Committed to utilizing ethical manufacturing techniques, we have partnered with a non-profit initiative that provides us with discarded the fishing nets we use to produce Kaira Active clothing.


The retrieving and recycling process is actually quite unique. Managed by a team of volunteer divers from around the world, Healthy Seas is a charitable organization that is devoted to cleaning up and protecting our oceans one dive at a time. Once the fishing nets are salvaged, they're given a new life and new purpose. Woven together with other discarded nylons by Aquafil, the nets are transformed and regenerated into ECONYL® yarn.


Though ECONYL® yarn is the product of upcycled fishing nets retrieved from the ocean floor, it is surprisingly soft and smooth to the touch. The buttery softness and breathable quality of the fabric makes it ideal for the manufacturing of clothing you can comfortably wear when enjoying an outdoor lifestyle.


Each and every garment we carry is carefully and lovingly sewn by hand right here in Los Angeles. It was important to us that we worked with factories that treated and paid their workers fairly so they have the freedom to pursue their passions and spend time with their loved ones. 

Giving Back

The seas are what provide us with endless enjoyment and a sense of renewal, so it's only appropriate we care for them accordingly. This is why we are firmly committed to supporting environmental organizations actively working to protect our oceans and the creatures who call them home.

A percentage of each purchase goes directly to Healthy Seas and other environmental non-profits that help protect the ocean. When we all unite for a shared cause, there's no telling what we'll get done. Join us as we set out to define a pollution solution that in turn yields some of the finest women's activewear for the modern athlete.