Top 5 of the Most Sustainable Fabrics

Here at Kaira Active, we want every aspect of our business to be sustainable. From the threads, fabrics, and even eco-friendly mailers, we want sustainability to translate into everything that we do.

We also LOVE supporting other brands that share the same vision and vibe. One way to tell is by looking at the label and knowing what to look for when choosing "sustainable fabrics", since they are not created equal. So if you're a fashion lover who isn't fond of the fashion industry negative impact on the environment, choosing sustainable fabrics is a great way to make our closets more eco-friendly.

We have included both natural and synthetic fabrics in our list, and this by no means covers ALL the great sustainable fabrics out there, but seeing one of these on the label of your next purchase is definitely a good sign :)


1. Recycled Cotton

Cotton is arguable the most commonly used fabrics. Unfortunately, growing cotton can be problematic due to pesticides and other chemicals used in the process. While growing organic cotton is better for the environment, recycled cotton is best. Recycled cotton is made using post-consumer cotton waste, essentially transforming the scraps and trimmings of traditional cotton and giving it new life.

2. Organic Hemp

Hemp has been around for many years and has been used in cosmetics, food, and clothing, but has recently gained immense popularity due to its not-so-distant cousin, marijuana, gaining attention.

Hemp is great because it requires little water, is a natural fertilizer, and doesn’t need harmful pesticides to grow, making it much more sustainable than other crops. The fabric itself is versatile and can be thick enough to keep you warm in the winter and lightweight enough to keep you cool in the summer.



TENCEL is an eco-friendly fabric created by dissolving raw wood pulp. It requires less water and energy to produce than cotton, yet remains versatile and comfortable. The fabric is also known to be incredibly soft and pleasant to the skin and is often used in swimwear and activewear.


QMONOS is a synthetic fiber generated through the fusion of spider silk and other microbes. Don’t worry, no spiders are harmed in the making! It is said to be 5x stronger than steel, more flexible than Nylon, lighter than silk, and completely biodegradable! I’d call that a win.


ECONYL has a special place in our hearts because, you guessed it, is the main fabric we use at Kaira Active! We have an immense love for the ocean and adventure, so we love that ECONYL fabric is made from recycled fishnets and ocean plastics. It is breathable, stretchy, and light; very similar to Nylon, but without the waste and chemicals. Read more about ECONYL fabric here.

Well there you have it! Like I said, this list doesn't even scratch the surface of all the great, eco-friendly fabrics out there, but adding even one of these into your wardrobe is a great first step to making your closet sustainable.

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