5 Best Exercises for a Round Booty

Spring is almost here...closely followed by summer...and I think you know what THAT means! *Hint hint* BIKINI SEASON!

And who doesn't want to show off that perky peach that's been in hiding all winter? So check out our list of best booty burning workouts to really tone those glutes.

Since our focus is glutes and not thighs, there's no squats on our list! (say whattt)

All exercises only use body weight, but feel free to add dumbells or bands for an extra burn. Perform the number of reps suggested and 3 sets of the entire circuit for maximum results.

1. Donkey Kicks

Begin on all fours with a neutral spine. With your foot flexed, lift your right leg toward the ceiling while maintaining a bent knee. Make sure you squeeze at the top before lowering down! I love doing this one with a weight tucked behind my knee. Do 15 reps on each leg.

2. Fire Hydrants

Almost exactly like donkey kicks but this time you will be lifting to the side. Maintain a bend in your knee and lift your leg to the side. Hold at the top and squeeze, then lower down. 15 reps on each leg.

3. Single Leg Deadlifts

Start standing on your right leg with your left leg slightly back behind your body, with your toe pointed and resting on the floor. Your left arm on can be on your hip or out to the side for balance. Your right arm extends straight down at your side as you engage your abs and slowly lean forward, while simultaneously lifting your left leg straight back. Your back should be flat and you are trying to be parallel to the floor. Slowly come back to your starting position. Do 15 reps on each leg.

4. Glute Bridge

If you have a resistance band, wrap it around your thighs then lie down with knees bent pointed at the ceiling and feet flat on the floor. Your arms can rest at your sides. Engage your core, then press into your heels and squeeze your glutes while you raise your hips toward the ceiling, try to maintain tension on the band if you are using one. Hold at the top for two seconds and really squeeze that booty before lowering down. Complete 15 reps.

5. Side Leg Raises

Start with feet shoulder width distance apart with your tailbone slightly tucked and core engaged. With your foot flexed, lift your right leg to come in line with your hips and lower down. (This one works great with resistance bands or you can place a dumbell on your hip). Do 15 reps on each leg. 

Hopefully you feel the burn after this quick workout and will be ready to show off that booty this summer :) Feel free to comment any other exercises we should include!

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